5 STEPS to be more creative during lockdown

        Now is the perfect time to spend time with your camera and get creative. You have the time to challenge yourself to click a few unique photographs around the house. I have created this 5 step initiative to get you clicking and experimenting with your camera.

        "Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." -- Bruce Garrabrandt

        5 STEPS to be more creative during lockdown

        2. Try minimal

        Get creative and put a few flowers from the garden in a beautiful vase. We are so bombarded with MORE and MORE during our everyday life that this could perhaps give you a nice challenge. Focus on a subject and yet again try and photograph this in natural light. This will inevitably teach you how to adjust your ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

        4. What mobile editing apps should you use?

        I personally love VSCO and TEZZA, if you’re looking for a simple-to-use mobile editing app with one-click presets, then this would be for you. Individual adjustments can also be made.